New life at Dak Boi village

15:02 - 10/11/2022  |  1127 views

Located about 50 km to the north of Dak Glei town (Dak Glei district, Kon Tum province), Dak Boi village – Muong Hoong commune is where the Xe Dang, an ethnic minority community with 70 households, live. The locals depend on rice farming and cattle rearing activities for their livelihood. Since being connected to the national power system, life of the locals has turned to a new page in a more convenient and better way.

Dak Boi village has been connected to national power system

The terrain full of obstacles, mostly high mountains, is the reason why it is difficult to connect Dak Boi village to national power system, hence the challenges of daily life activities of the locals and study of pupils.

Knowing these difficulties, Industry and Trade Department of Kon Tum province, in cooperation with Kon Tum Power Company, invested in the project of supplying power to Dak Boi village under the scope of 4.4km of MV power line, 0.3km of LV power line and 01 distribution substation of 100kVA. After 10 months of construction, the project was conducted its acceptance procedure before Lunar New Year of 2019. Since then, life of Dak Boi village has turned “bright”, no longer live in flickering light of their kitchen fireplace when it’s dark. The indescribable joy lit up the locals’ faces.

After 3 years of electrification, we returned to the village and witnessed conspicuous changes in life, economics, social activities of the locals. Mr. A Lam – Head of the village said, “Before the electrification, the whole village fell into the total darkness at night, households went to sleep early, and there were many challenges in inhabitants’ life. Now, with electricity from national power grid, physical and spiritual life of the locals has significantly been bettered. People watch television for useful information, improving family economics, eliminating hunger, and alleviating poverty”.

The electricity supply has been contributing to ameliorating the inhabitants’ life via using electricity for daily life and production. Especially, electricity has helped the locals to keep up with guidance and orientations of Communist Party of Vietnam, policies and laws of the Government via television, radio.

With electricity, the locals and children of Dak Boi village can watch news and entertainment programs on television

Mr. A Hien, an inhabitant at Dak Boi village, Muong Hoong commune shared “With electricity, my family can use appliances like television, light bulbs, carpentry machines. Thanks to that, I’ve got an opportunity to furnish my house”.

Especially, teaching and learning work for children at Dak Boi village has been improved significantly since the energization. Ms. Vo Thi Doan, a teacher at Dak Boi Primary School, joyfully said “Since the energization, our lives (local teachers in general) has been less difficult. Communication has become seamless, hence the frequent contact of local teachers to their remote families. Teaching work and daily activities of pupils and teachers has turned better as compared to the past”.

Dak Boi village is the last village of Dak Glei district to be connected to the national power system. Currently, 100% of villages of Dak Glei district has been energized.

It is said that being connected to national power system is the important foundation for the locals at Dak Boi village to obtain a stable life, enriching the village in solidarity.

Author: Hà Quốc Danh

Translated by Quang Thang

15:02 - 10/11/2022  |  1127 views