CPCCREB: Taking care of the employees

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As a beautiful tradition, the annual Workers' Month is an opportunity for the Trade Union to come close to the establishment, listen to the voices of the employees, their thoughts, aspirations, advantages and disadvantages in labor's production as well as the personal life of each member, thereby building more effective and practical contents, methods and action plans for employees.

EVNCPC Trade Union visits and gives presents to CPCCREB employees on 2022 Worker’s Month

 Implementing the program of the Worker’s Month, on May 6, 2022, the delegation of EVNCPC Trade Union led by Mr. Dinh Van Duc - Member of the Executive Board of EVNCPC Trade Union visited and presented gifts to 02 collectives and 01 individual union member at CPCCREB with the amount of 23 m. VND.

This is one of the activities to encourage the workers’ productivity, and at the same time to appreciate the positive contributions of each trade union member in the construction and development of the unit. Also on this occasion, CPCCREB Trade Union has implemented many practical and meaningful activities for employees.

At the meeting, representatives of EVNCPC Trade Union and CPCCREB employees had a cordial exchange between colleagues. All aspects of life, job, and income of CPCCREB employees are openly discussed, listened and shared. Accordingly, in 2022, CPCCREB is assigned to start construction of 10 110kV projects and energize 24 projects, with a total construction investment of more than 900 billion VND. Despite many difficulties, CPCCREB's employees always clearly define their goals and strive to fulfill their assigned tasks, including the very important contribution of 73 trade union members in the unit.

CPCCREB equips ping pong table to enhance health training for employees

With the motto of building the trade union organization to become the home for each union member, a place where union members speak out their thoughts, aspirations, and share advantages and disadvantages in work and daily life, over the years CPCCREB's trade union has aimed at the interests of union members, taking care of all aspects of the workers' material and spiritual life. To do that, CPCCREB Trade Union has participated in petitioning, supervising, and signing a regulation on coordination with unit leaders in implementing the provisions of law on working conditions, working time, rest time, work overtime, actively urge and supervise the implementation of the salary and bonus to ensure the welfare regimes for the employees.

Foosball competition between colleagues

CPCCREB Trade Union has effectively organized emulation movements, campaigns, and social activities among the union members. Trade union activities at the unit in recent years are evaluated as having positive innovation in content and operation method. Many sports competition such as ping-pong, billiards, and a photo contest "Moment of love" were held to honor family happiness; periodically give flowers to congratulate each member's birthday; organize visits and give presents to employees in difficult circumstances with the amount of more than 50 m. VND. These activities have attracted the participation of a large number of employees. With determination and spirit of solidarity and creativity, CPCCREB union members have actively participated in labor and production emulation movements, contributing to the effective implementation of key power grid projects assigned by EVNCPC.

Giving flowers to celebrate the union member's birthday

During 2022 Workers' Month, CPCREB Trade Union proposes the Party committee to coordinate in organizing periodic dialogues to resolve the legitimate interests of employees. With the aim of creating a responsible and closely working environment, CPCCREB Trade Union has organized many exciting and useful activities, creating positive effects among all employees, participating in building an organization with an a cultural, civilized, united and democratic workplace, promoting labor and production activities, contributing to building a strong and comprehensive unit.

Author: Ngọc Phúc

Translator: Thanh Thao

11:00 - 23/06/2022  |  1123 views