Inauguration of Mu Sang Primary School for Ethnic Minorities (Phong Tho District, Lai Chau Province) sponsored by EVN under the Government's Resolution 30a

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On 21 April 2022, in Mu Sang commune, Phong Tho district, Lai Chau province, Vietnam Electricity (EVN) in collaboration with the People's Committee of Lai Chau province held the inauguration ceremony of Mu Sang semi-boarding ethnic minority primary school. This is one of the exemplary projects demonstrating the support of EVN extended to Lai Chau province under Resolution 30a of the Government.

Attending the Inauguration Ceremony of Mu Sang Primary School for ethnic minorities, on the side of the leaders of Lai Chau province, were Mr. Giang A Tinh – Vice Chairman of Lai Chau Provincial People's Committee; Mr. Dinh Trung Tuan – Director of the Department of Education and Training, the leaders of Phong Tho district and communes in Phong Tho district. On EVN’s side were Mr. Tran Dinh Nhan – General Director, Mr. Vo Quang Lam – Deputy General Director, Mr. Do Duc Hung – Chairman of EVN’s Trade Union, Board of Members, Board of Directors of Northern Power Corporation (EVNNPC) and leaders of Lai Chau Power Company. In particular, attending the inauguration ceremony were teachers and students of Mu Sang Primary School.

For many years, in Mu Sang commune, there is only one primary school built in 2008 from various funding sources. The school site is located on steep hillside and is unable to arrange the premises for classrooms, boarding houses, playgrounds for teaching and learning activities for the semi-boarding students in the commune. The road conditions are very bad, many students in the villages live far from school, affecting the quality of education and the attendance rate. With the desire to create all favorable conditions to help students from ethnic minorities in remote areas in Lai Chau province go to school and improve the quality of education in the locality in the spirit of the Resolution 30a, EVN sponsored the construction of Mu Sang semi-boarding ethnic minority primary school.

Mu Sang semi-boarding ethnic minority primary school has a total investment cost of VND 15 billion. The project commenced in March 2021, spaciously built on an area of ​​about 5,000m2, meeting the teaching and learning requirements of 413 primary school students (of which 350 semi-boarding students).

After more than 9 months of construction, Mu Sang semi-boarding ethnic minority primary school project has been put into use with the aim of meeting education needs, improving education quality and education environment for staff, teachers and students of the school, contributing to increasing the rate of children going to school in Phong Tho district. On this occasion, Vietnam Electricity and the People's Committee of Lai Chau province planted souvenir trees in the schoolyard and launched the New Year tree-planting movement in 2022. In addition, EVNNPC awarded 50 scholarships, each worth VND 1 million for students of Mu Sang semi-boarding ethnic minority primary school.

Mu Sang Primary School is a typical symbolic work of EVN's support for Lai Chau province in hunger eradication and poverty reduction, and is one of many projects funded by EVN under the Resolution 30a of the Government, which began in 2008, aiming to support rapid and sustainable poverty reduction for 61 poor districts of 20 provinces across the country. In which EVN is assigned to support 03 communes: Than Uyen, Tan Uyen and Phong Tho of Lai Chau province.

In execution of Resolution 30a of the Government on supporting 3 districts of Tan Uyen, Than Uyen and Phong Tho of Lai Chau province, during the period 2009 - 2021, EVN had provided financial support with a total budget of more than VND 980 billion with many items such as: Developing rural power grids, focusing on unelectrified communes, villages and households; Dismantling temporary houses; Establishing vocational training centers, boarding and semi-boarding schools; Building “semi-boarding houses supported by local residents”; Building kindergartens and preschools; Training selected students after graduation; Training on agricultural and forestry extension activities, developing production models; Supporting cement to build village roads in new rural construction communes and other necessities, etc.

If at the end of 2008, Lai Chau province had 07 districts, towns and 98 communes, wards with a poverty rate of 33.7%, then in the period 2009-2021, the poverty rate decreased 5.14% annually, of which 03 communes Than Uyen, Tan Uyen and Phong Tho decreased by nearly 6%, exceeding the target set by the Resolution 30a.


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15:26 - 28/04/2022  |  1559 views